Pot Of Gold News

Let us introduce to you, our 2017-18 teaching staff. Things are changing here at at Rainbow Creek. Check out our NEW BELL TIMES for September 2017.

Pot of Gold News: 2017-18 Teachers

We are delighted to announce our 2017-18 teaching staff.



  • Mrs. Sheila Robinson
  • To be determined
Grade One
  • Ms. Colleen Nielsen
  • Mrs. Sheri Sommerfeld
  • To be determined

Grade One/Two

Miss Mary Vo

Grade Two
  • Ms. Amy Abday
  • Mrs. Caylee Dahl
  • Mrs. Jennifer Miller
Grade Three
  • Ms. Trista Bezjack
  • Mrs. Janice Cook
  • Mrs. Colleen Gillard
  • Mr. Josh Pate


Grade Four

  • Mrs. Lauren Bridgewater
  • Ms. Claire Collyer
  • Mr. Kris Hartley
  • Ms. Alana Thompson


Grade Five

  • Mrs. Nancy Bell
  • Miss Tara Hrysak
  • Mrs. Linda Zaharia


Learning Support

  • Ms. Darcey Campbell
  • Miss Meghan Flynn
  • Mrs. Jill Lloyd



  • Mrs. Stacy Werner


We will announce the kindergarten and grade one positions at a later date.


New Bell Times

Starting in September, the bell times at Rainbow Creek will be changing to align with district-wide busing schedules. Our school bus schedule will be altered with the buses arriving at school at 8:00AM each day.  Monday through Thursday, the buses will pick up students at 2:45PM and on Fridays at 12:45PM.


Regular School Hours Commencing September 2017

Mon-Thurs:  8:05 a.m. - 2:45 p.m.

Fri:  8:05 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.


We will continue with our practice of relaxed entry meaning that the doors will open at 8:00AM and our students will be welcome to enter the school at that time.

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