Message from Administration

Welcome to Rainbow Creek Elementary!

We, as a learning community made up of students, parents and staff, are looking forwardto another wonderful, exciting  year at Rainbow Creek Elementary School. We are proud of our foundation statements which are unique and special to our school. These statements encompass our desire to be a child centered, literacy focused school committed to respect and caring for all individuals.

We are proud of and committed to offering a welcoming, caring atmosphere in which individuals have the opportunity to grow and develop. We are committed to establishing leadership opportunities for all of our students.

We are committed to team work in every sense of the word. We have embedded weekly team planning so staff members have an opportunity to share best practices, plan, and continue to strive for excellence as a team.

We, as a learning community, are committed to the development and enhancement of literacy in our students and our school community. The development and implementation of literacy programs such as home reading, Daily 5 and guided reading are a testament to our passion.

Because we have the privilege of having many different cultures represented in our school community we are committed to celebrating these differences and offer a program to support our English language learners and their families.

We work closely as a team with our school council and its executive to provide support and guidance in the daily activities with our students and on larger issues impacting the school and community and with their support our students have been able to enjoy and benefit from various programs such as Hip Hop and Alberta Opera productions.

We are very proud and honored to be the administrative team of Rainbow Creek. It is truly a place where everyone is special!

Very best wishes,

Dawn Rife and Cristy Leonard-Glaspey

How are the needs of 21st Century Learners supported at Rainbow Creek?

At Rainbow Creek Elementary School we are committed to supporting the needs of 21st Century learners by designing meaningful learning opportunities that are engaging and relevant.  Collaborative planning time is embedded into teacher timetables and used as a forum for teachers to share best practices and explore new technologies.

Our students have numerous opportunities to develop leadership and communication skills through collaborative inquiry-based learning.  They are encouraged to construct new learning and knowledge, and to teach others what they have learned.  Critical thinking skills and metacognition are embedded in daily instruction with technology being used as a tool to enhance this.

Through videoconferencing technologies our students are able to participate in virtual field trips and explore learning opportunities beyond the four walls of their classrooms.  Global citizenship is also reinforced through the recycling programs that are in place at the school.

As a learning organization, we are constantly striving to enhance the learning opportunities for our students and to ensure that they are beginning to develop the skills that they will need to be successful independent citizens in the 21st century.

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