Learning Support

For the 2019-2020 school year, Rainbow Creek's Learning Support Team consists of our administrative team, two Learning Support teachers, a Literacy teacher and two Child Development Advisors (CDA).

This team was created in response to Alberta Education’s Action on Inclusion and Rocky View Schools’ focus on creating Universal Learning Environments. The goal of an inclusive classroom is to provide all students with the most appropriate learning environments and experiences.  Inclusion is about ensuring that each student belongs and receives a quality education no matter their ability, disability, language, cultural background, gender, or age.

At Rainbow Creek we have moved away from a strictly stand-alone, pull out approach to supporting students.  Instead, we are finding ways to collaborate with and support classroom teachers to best meet the diverse needs of all learners.  That being said, this does not mean that all children are in the classroom at all times. We recognize that occasionally small group or individual instruction is necessary to meet student needs.  As the Learning Support team, we are committed to working with all staff members to provide the opportunity for all students to have their individual needs met in an inclusive environment.

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