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Quote from Parent Advocate

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with the administrators, teachers, and support staff at Rainbow Creek and I have seen firsthand why this school is so successful; not to mention how happy the kids are.  The amount of hard work that the administrators put in is evident each and every day I spend any time with them in the office. The lines of communication are always open and honest.  The amount of dedication, love, hard work, and positive energy that comes from the teaching staff is second to none. We are lucky to have such great teachers who put their all into teaching our children.  Let’s not forget all of the ‘extra’ time both the teachers and in some cases their spouses take preparing activities and lessons at home to make sure that things run smoothly or as smoothly as can be expected.  Last but not least the support staff at Rainbow Creek ensures that the school runs efficiently and always have a smile on their face for everyone who comes to visit.

Thank you everyone at Rainbow Creek for teaching our children to be leaders and to walk with confidence.

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