Jon Snoxell

My name is Mr. Jon Snoxell, and this is my first year working at Rainbow Creek. Before starting my teaching career, I worked for Big Brothers Big Sisters running in-school and after-school mentoring programs in Calgary for K-12 students. Most of my teaching experience has been in grade four and five classrooms. I am so excited to be teaching grade three and am looking forward to learning with my students this year!

In my free time, I enjoy playing squash, cooking, going on hikes, and practicing guitar or ukelele. I think that music is a powerful resource and tool to help students in their learning, and I love to integrate ukulele playing in my classroom.

I believe that children should be taught how to think, not what to think. Thus, I encourage students to take initiative in their learning to foster deep understanding, to develop an inquisitive spirit, and to uncover and develop their individual abilities and passions: this not only educates students' minds but also develops their unique sense of self. Curriculum and learning goals are the framework to help children develop strong self-esteem, discover and explore their interests, and become confident, capable and balanced individuals.

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