Living the Seven Habits

Be Proactive: You’re in Charge!

  • follow the dress code
  • wear your indoor shoes
  • show respect for the learning environment
    • be respectful of others
    • treat school property with respect
    • seek staff permission to use personal owned devices

Begin with the End in Mind: Have a Plan!

  • be prepared for learning
  • plan for your day/week/year

Put First Things First: Work First, Then Play!

At school:

    • be on time
    • be prepared
    • follow instruction
    • walk quietly and safely

Think Win-Win: Everyone Can Win!

On the playground:

    • respect the boundaries
    • dress appropriately for weather and safety
    • respect personal space
    • play sports in designated areas
    • use equipment for its intended purpose

Dress Code

The following items ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE at school

  • tube tops, halter tops, spaghetti straps, or tops with plunging necklines, gaping arm holes, open backs or sheer material
  • undergarments that are showing
  • belly/stomach showing
  • skirts or shorts shorter than the ends of fingertips when arms are extended at the sides of the body
  • t-shirts with offensive/suggestive comments or cartoons, or with double innuendos
  • bare feet and no shirts
  • hats inside the building
  • Remember also, that we have a two-shoe policy at Rainbow Creek and all students need to have a pair of indoor shoes to wear in the building.


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