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Pot of Gold News: Three-Way Conferencing  

Parent-teacher conferences are changing. Traditionally, conferences were between the teacher and the parent, with much of the information being given by the teacher. Now, teachers, students, and parents will work collaboratively to reflect, share information, set goals and create action plans and strategies to improve student learning. Each member of the conferencing team has a role to play. Teachers will prepare students by giving them time to select evidence of learning and talking to them about goal-setting.  Students will collect evidence of learning and record reflections about their learning.  Parents will be asked to talk about goal-setting with their children and to come to the conference prepared to discuss their child’s learning journey. Our first three-way conferences of the year will be held on October 24 and 25.  Please save the date and watch your email for information on how to book conferences with your child’s teacher.
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