Gr.5 Helpful Websites

Reading Websites

Favorite Books for Fifth-Graders

Social Studies Websites

Histories & Stories Search

First Nations Research

Research of First Nations

The Virtual Museum of Metis History and Culture

Photos of Canadian Landforms

Wonders of Canada

Videos of Canadian Regions

Map It CanadaAn interactive map that allows students to review provinces, capitals and landmarks.

Canadian Geographic Kids

Blackgold Research Sites

Science Websites

Weather Website - A website that has information on weather.

Websites for Research


Fun Websites

Funbrain - A great website for math games.

Math Websites


Educational Links
Here is a list of educational links and entertaining websites that have been recommended by Rainbow Creek staff. Most are intended for children, but many are fun for the whole family. The website will be updated regularly, so be sure to keep checking back.
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