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KHAN ACADEMY: Website for all subjects --> this site has video instruction of concepts as well as practice questions, quizzes,etc. to help your child learn some of the concepts.


It will be challenging- but it will help you become a better typer!


Multiplication and Division

Numbers Up To 10 000

I can compare numbers up to 10 000.

  • Beat the Robot
  • I can order numbers up to 10 000.

  • Ordering Whole Numbers
  • Put them in order!
  • Order Order! (Click on numbers up to 10000)
  • Counting Caterpillar (Try and set the minimum around 1000 and the maximum around 10 000)
  • I can identify and describe patterns found in tables and charts

  • Number Patterns Game
  • Working on skip counting and number sequencing patterns
  • Patterns in Charts: Play this game at home using cards and 100 charts!
  • Addition Table App (It's Free!)
  • I can represent, describe and extend patterns and relationships, using charts and tables, to solve problems.

  • A great activity to try at home is to build an increasing or decreasing pattern. Then document it in a chart! Take a look at this example to see how you can do it!
  • I can identify and explain mathematical relationships, using charts and diagrams, to solve problems.

    • Solving growing problems like this one


    Simple Machines

    Here are some review games that you can play!

    Mystery of the Missing Milk: Joe is a dairy farmer, but some of the cow's milk has gone missing. Help him find it!

    Medevil Levers: Built your own catapault!

    Robot Factory: Build a robot to complete different tasks.

    Balance the levers! Test your knowledge about levers. Try your hand at balancing. You can move the birds, and add bird seed to the feeder. Make sure you also find the baby birds.

    Repair a Robot: Help Twitch collect the parts to repair a robot by using 4 different types of simple machines: an inclined plane, lever, wheel and axle, and pulley. Select the equipment that will require the least amount of force.

    Parks and Simple Machines: "Join Engineering Savi as she explores Puzzle Park for gears, levels and wheels for carnival rides" (site). Put the Fun House, Merry-Go-Round, and Roller Coaster puzzles together to find out what simple machines are in your favorite rides.

    Light and Shadow

    Light and Shadow BBC Interactive site #1 BBC Interactive site #2


    Social Studies




    Spirit of Alberta: The Amazing Race!

    Educational Links
    Here is a list of educational links and entertaining websites that have been recommended by Rainbow Creek staff. Most are intended for children, but many are fun for the whole family. The website will be updated regularly, so be sure to keep checking back.
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