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Occupational and Speech therapy tips for parents

File Occupational Therapy - Hold on
An efficient pencil grasp helps children to direct and control their pencil more easily when they begin to print! Here are some tips for your to help your child at home.
File Occupational Therapy - I have an idea
Here are links to just a few of the many websites filled with activity ideas for continued skill practice.
File Occupational Therapy - Name that shape
We are surrounded by shapes and therefore we have many opportunities to practice recognizing and drawing shapes in every environment! Here are some ideas to try at home or when you are out and about with your children.
File Occupational Therapy - Tips for left-handers
Here are some tips to set up classroom and home activities to help left- handed children be successful!
File Occupational Therapy - Using Scissors
Children develop important foundational skills for cutting by using correct techniques, and gain practice in using a new tool. Here is a step by step guide to help your child practice this skill at home.
File Speech Therapy - Sound Chart
All children do not develop their speech at the same time. Here is a chart to show at what age 90% of children can articulate the English consonants correctly.
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